Integrated ERP Software For e-Commerce Industry

Integrated ERP Software For e-Commerce Industry
Many people always hear about an Integrated ERP Software, but what does that really mean?
In my article find out what integration is, which functions/modules can be integrated and why it helps your business grow.

So what is Integration?

Integrating an ERP system is essentially joining functions within departments to functions of other departments to make your business processes go more smoothly. This is accomplished by using interactive modules that allow specific departments to carry out their own functions while having access to the information they need from other departments to complete those functions.

How Does Integration Help for a Business?

Doing Integration is nothing but increasing communication between each department. Your company is a synergistic entity; the departments must all take care of their own functions while still meeting the needs of the entire company. To do that, each department must be able to communicate with other relevant departments or outside entities to get the job done. Integration provides that communication through increased access to information with linked modules.

What Functions Can Be Integrated?

Before cloud based ERP software solution, people relied on face-to-face communication, which required time and a concerted effort. But now, access to information through various ERP software modules creates a seamless flow of information tailored to both individual and department-level needs. Let’s look at some of the types of Tech Cloud ERP modules and functions that can be integrated into one system:

Accounting and Financial: audit and controls, cash flow planning, consolidation, statutory reporting, payroll
• Human Resources: training, absence management, time management, travel and expenses
Supply Chain Management: inventory control, transportation and logistics, routing, warehouse management
Customer Relationship Management: contact information, social media management, loyalty tracking, dispute resolution
Project Management: scheduling, meeting management, task management and progress tracking
• Data Services: reports, statistics, information health and accuracy

How Does Integration Help Your Business Grow?

Integrated ERP systems provide increased access to information and communication throughout your organization. With cloud-based solutions, integrated ERP can remove the distance between multiple locations and keep data flowing as if everyone were in the same room. Many cloud-based options also include additional mobility by providing apps for smartphones and tablets so your people can access information on the go.

Integrating ERP systems provides other benefits, including:

• Increase in data access and reliability
• Reduction of redundant tasks
• Assessment of real-time data
• Discovery of previously unseen business needs, strengths or weaknesses
If you’ve been thinking how could take your organization to the next level, an Integrated ERP Software For e-Commerce Industry for might be the answer. Give your personnel access and increase communication from anywhere at any time with an integrated ERP.

Integrated ERP Software in Hyderabad

ERP and eCommerce Integration in Hyderabad

Cloud ERP Integration in India

Cloud Based ERP Software for Construction Industry


ERP Software For Construction Industry

Tech Cloud ERP for construction industry in Hyderabad, India is a highly ranked business management tool, to manage all construction processes are stay planned ahead of time unerringly. Our ERP software in Hyderabad is easy to use modules that can facilitate your business management.  With our ERP you manage your brokers, ensure visibility and can do multiple sales.Now a day construction industries are the building blocks for every country;  the commercial and residential buildings, magnificent architecture, roadways, etc. are an outcome of this Industry that. These constructions not only make a country look better, but also open up more opportunities, hence, are a major indicator of economic development. However, the construction Industry have a tremendous challenge to fulfill the needs especially for a developing country like India and thus organized and data backed planning becomes quintessential.

Some Key Features of Tech Cloud ERP for Construction Industry are:

Architectural designing and measurements

We understand the importance of Designs of the buildings or any other constructions to be done and its measurements, and even a minute mistake can lead to a major issue or even a mishap and provide a precision to the point for the same. So, it’s time to use our Cloud ERP Software.

Contract and compliance management:

Our Best ERP Software in India can help you centralize and assess all your compliances easily; moreover, it can record and manage your contracts as well. It can keep you updated with any expiring contract as well.

Project scheduling:

Construction projects have different time span, while some extending to many years, Tech Cloud ERP can help you schedule your entire project. It can also help forecasting project completion and be available for sale.

Inventory and Equipment Management:

We can provide you with excellent MRP and inventory management, which ensures that you never run out of required resources. The availability of all your resources and equipment made available boosts up construction rate and happily working labors.

Labor Management:

The labors in construction industry in India work on pay/hour basis, for which Tech Cloud ERP can keep a track of their working hours and calculate their daily wages effortlessly, freeing the project managers of the nominal task.

Finance Management:

Keep a track on all your purchases, credit and debit, loan management, payrolls, and every other expenditure or income procured by the company. Further, it can help for managing taxes and forecast sales as well.

Hence, to conclude with, build up your company on the quality performance and reliability of Tech Cloud ERP to manage your business proficiently, keep your inventory stocked for seamless construction process and swift up project completion without any hassle.

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cloud based erp software for construction industry in india

cloud erp software for construction industry in india

erp software for construction industry in hyderabad

Different ERP Software Modules

ERP Software Modules in Hyderabad

Hello everyone,

In this article, I mentioned what are the different types of ERP Software Modules provided by Tech Cloud ERP Software Company for any type of businesses in India.

As, Tech Cloud ERP is a web & cloud-based innovative solution with modern tech-savvy functionalities of Business Process Management, designed specifically to fit all the types of business verticals. Developed in a web as well as cloud-based environment, it includes robust functionalities which are considered as a part of the extended high-end enterprise application.

First of all what is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

Choosing an ERP is not a right thing, but choosing an ERP which exactly fits your business and provides you the required modules.

Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions understands the manufacturing & trading businesses and we analyze the whole business, then we suggest what kind of modules fits your business.

Tech Cloud ERP provides modules like:

  •     Sales & Marketing
  •     Customer Relationship Management
  •     Inventory Management
  •     Purchase Management
  •     Production Management
  •     Plant Management
  •     Asset Management
  •     Finance Management
  •     HR & Payroll Management and many more modules.

Thank you.

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Cloud Based ERP Software Modules in India

ERP Software Modules in Hyderabad

Best Education ERP Software in Saudi Arabia

Education ERP

Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions is one of the best Education ERP Software Companies in Hyderabad. Tech Cloud ERP is web based and cloud computing software, our ERP is having a dynamic dash board with a GUI and inbuilt Email &SMS integration. You can access anywhere with multi languages and unlimited data storage.Tech Cloud ERP is flexible software, which is mobile and tab compatibility, can manage multiple users, it has anauto back-up facility and we provide lifetime product validity.Nowadays the education sector around the world is developing and expanding quite rapidly. Education industry, being a great service sector and having a high economic and social impact resistance with its unique set of challenges, is considered to have a pretty high potential for using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. ERP system is smoothly incorporated web-based ERP Software application used to operate external and internal resources, including materials, tangible assets, human and financial resources together with covering maximum features and processes of an organization. It is a software architecture which purpose is to streamline the information flow among all business functions within the boundaries of the education institution and control the interaction and connections with outside stakeholders. ERP solutions in education sector play a significant role in planning, designing and operating academic resources. The implementation of cloud ERP in India can help improve efficiency and effectiveness of various education processes and enhance stakeholders and student-centric related services.

ERP features and functions in education:

ERP systems consist of several integrated modules.

  • Financial accounting module takes care of accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, taxation, income/expense and reconciliation statements as well as other documents needed for accounting purposes. This module also offers a robust and multifarious portfolio of reports.
  • Grades and exam operation system gives the ability to conduct offline and online examinations, consider student performance, differentiate book management, generate report cards, hold mass competitive/entrance exams as well as provide the students with the results.
  • Timetable management system enables creation of both manual and automatic timetables. It guarantees timely updates on faculty substitution and assists in superior management of rooms, resources and faculty.
  • Admission management system helps to control pre-admission selection and screening of students, short listing of applications, online registration, identification cards registration and sending/receiving electronic alerts.
  • Hostel management module streamlines arrangement and reservation of rooms in teacher accommodations and student hostels. It helps track student outings and visitor records thus ensuring discipline. It also assists to control room facilities, room shifting and interchanging processes, and provides other important logistic support.
  • Asset and inventory management program provides stock and inventory management for multiple positions. It allows increasing significantly operational effectiveness and categorizing the assets. This program also helps to conduct the wise search of assets location.
  • Budget and cost control module helps in accurate and quick budgeting. It provides efficient costing and performance evaluation, and assists distinguish between unavoidable and controllable costs.
  • Recruitment operation system helps the students get the view of the whole situation and make use of pre-placement opportunities. This program provides exhaustive resume search and allows the students receive or send interview letters or e-mails without encumbrance.
  • Biometrics payroll management module provides the user with a defined classification for integral reporting. This program can make up a flexible payroll processing stage, cost centers and control the biometric system as well.
  • Fees management system helps the user create a special fee structure according to which fees can be paid weekly, monthly or annually, as the student wishes. This module has a function of automatic generation of defaulter lists, fine structures and scholarship rewards schedules.

Here our Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions based in India provides ERP Software Services for UAE countries. Based on our client’s requirement we give excellent cloud & web-based ERP software’s at affordable prices.

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best education erp software in saudi arabia