ERP Software for Healthcare Industries

ERP Software for Healthcare Industries in Hyderabad

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has been excellent and the best solution for many industries. From manufacturing to distribution process ERP software can be used as the ultimate solution. This software can be a help to improve the operations with enhancements to profitability, productivity, expansion, and all possible processes within the healthcare industry. With Hospitals management software, organizations can improve operational efficiencies, reducing inventory and labor costs and an increase in better communication and information from various departments to a single database. Unlike other industries, missing or inaccurate data can cost people’s lives in the healthcare sector. These problems can be avoided by implementing ERP software for Healthcare Industries.

Tech Cloud ERP process and customize ERP systems with the following list of functions:

  • The patient database helps to get, store and successfully work all the important data of doctors, patients, and staff members.
  • Appointment booking framework records the time, date and spot of different patients’ medical examinations and furthermore designs ensuing tests and strategies.
  • Accounting software system helps to pick up the visibility of every single monetary procedure within the organization, gives a probability to strengthen financial control and plan the budget plan for the next coming of years.
  • Doctor and patient workbench is a remarkable automated stage with all the essential timetables, schedules, past and future visiting dates and restorative prescriptive utilized both by doctors and patients so as to encourage their communication and treatment.
  • Patient billing module helps to operate the expenses and give patients with the bills.
  • The front work management program is a unique module that helps the admins to control the whole process of medical tests, doctors’ examinations, patients’ visits and many more things within the healthcare organization or hospital.
  • Synchronized reporting and automation system could be a tool that helps to tug all the reports within the one system along while not forcing the workers to take care of documents one by one and to merge them into one. The system will get it on mechanically.
  • Online information could be a system that presents the medics and the patients with simply accessible information on tending options and services delivered and offers a chance to fulfill international patients.
  • Equipment Maintenance System helps to work the instrumentation used in various medical procedures and to report concerning its condition, warrant or if one thing goes wrong.
  • Integration with different programs assists to exchange the info with other applications and systems.

Benefits of ERP software for healthcare:

  • Streamline the processes of hospitals/healthcare.
  • With highly secure remote access, patients can access the database with the help of alternative devices.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Use effective search facilities.
  • The best advantage is a simple & centralized backup option.

As we prove the best cloud ERP software for healthcare industries. Manage all your healthcare departments like registration, patient’s data, lab reports, transportation information, HRMs, finance, diagnosis reports, pharmacy data and many more with Tech Cloud ERP software.

ERP Software for Healthcare Industries in Hyderabad

cloud ERP Software for Healthcare Industries in Hyderabad

ERP Software for Healthcare Industries in India

Cloud ERP Software for Manufacturing Industries


Today manufacturing industries are strongly focused on streamlining their business operations/departments to drive more profits, to increase margins and to deliver the best quality of products to the customers in time. While processing to remain more competitive, now many organizations adopting ERP software for their business. A customized ERP system helps manufacturing industries to integrate and streamline each department separately and provides all the data into a single platform.

Manufacturing ERP Software

Today, cloud ERP software solutions in Hyderabad are helping organizations to improve efficiency and helps managers to deliver on the promise. Our clients in the manufacturing industry have seen many benefits from customized ERP software in Hyderabad;

1. ERP Software Integrates on Supply Chain

By Cloud ERP software for manufacturing industries in Hyderabad, India effectively manage the inflow and outflow of materials is vital to any organization. In addition of managing products, a custom ERP software solution can be managed in a global supply chain which should understand of multi-language and currencies. As we know every country manage business differently, for example, some countries have a value-added tax while other countries don’t. Managing every detail of every transaction manually, use ERP software to automatic operations/updates, so staff can focus on higher-value work.

2. Improves Production Scheduling

Tech Cloud ERP software is very helpful to manage the procurement, pricing, and payment of raw materials. And it also helps in managing the schedules of staff along with machine operations and helps in maintaining the maximum production schedules. Some of the manufacturing industries use an engineer-to-order process means whether the order is to be designed, engineered and finished. These type of industries get benefits from cloud ERP software in Hyderabad, which maintains delivery of inventories and an automated ordering system for manufacturers. A manufacturing ERP software implementation also can help you to utilize a just-in sequencing process, where the materials are ordered and utilized in a production schedule as they arrive. Tech Cloud ERP system has to track functionality, so you can trace the location of your inventory and also your salesperson can update the information from anywhere at any time.

3. Improves the Customer Experience

Tech Cloud ERP software solutions allow customers to access a portal called customer portal and to inquire about the product availability, delivery and price. This data can be used to state the production schedules, when a customer can easily place orders and have they quickly delivered, that customer will be more positive and happy customer of your organization.

4. Manages Your Financial Operations

A manufacturer can be both a customer and a supplier. In these type cases, it is very important to implement an integrated ERP software in Hyderabad, which has different kind of modules that is necessary to manage both sides of your business. Tech Cloud ERP software manages the order-to-cash process for the supplier side, as well as the procure-to-pay process for the customer side. Especially this feature is helpful for organizations that have incorporated a shared services model, where management of customer and supplier functions is managed centrally.

5. Helps in Managing Staff

No matter how much automation is introduced in your manufacturing industry, there will be an adequate function without appropriate staffing. Tech Cloud ERP software solution can help with staffing issues, such as scheduling, hourly wages, time off/vacation, skill set, etc.

⇒During the ERP software selection process, manufacturers may be confused by many choices. If you are really ready to implement an ERP system, then consider the above five factors. Tech Cloud ERP provides all the above benefits including advanced features like dynamic dashboards, multi-language, unlimited users, auto back-up facility, unlimited data storage and many more. Start your ERP implementation with our free demo today.


Cloud Based ERP Software for Manufacturing Industries in India

ERP Software for Manufacturing Industries in Hyderabad

Cloud ERP for Manufacturing Industries

On This Valentine’s Day – Breakup with Paper



Still struggling with paper messy? Really want to finish your work as soon as possible? Then switch to a software, which will reduce paper work and generate real time reports with a click. All those paper cuts, the messy files, huge reports can be eliminated by Tech Cloud ERP software. As many companies switching to cloud computing which is more secure and easily manage data.

A cloud based ERP software helps in managing your documents and workflow of your business which gives you back time, money, security and adaptability. You may fall in love with how Tech Cloud ERP document and workflow management software captures everyday business process and helps in growing your business. Tech Cloud ERP is a flexible software, it fix in any department of your business and collects all the data to a single database, so you can manage your organization’s data from a center point. You can operate Tech Cloud ERP from anywhere at any time as it is a cloud based ERP software.


It’s time to say goodbye to paper, as you’ve been using for a long time!

Take the right step towards the success by connecting us today!

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Thinking of implementing a trend within your business?

erp software provider in hyderabad

Use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been growing rapidly and forecasts indicate that growth across the ERP software will continue for 2020.

Trends in ERP Software:

The major trends of ERP software in 2019 are:

Cloud ERP Continue to Accelerate

Compared with previous years, this year marked Cloud ERP has the biggest trend. Cloud based ERP software gaining its high energy and it is dominating the ERP.  Cloud computing is the best, as they are operated and managed by business owners anywhere at any time. Cloud ERP is very useful to avoid maintenance, upgrade and other security parameters.

Automation & Integration

  • Internet of Things, big data and analytics these are very common names which we are hearing now a days and how these names are going to affect the way we work. In fact, some Business Insider estimates that there will be more than 25 billion IoT devices may install worldwide by 2020.
  • By 2020 approach, we believe that 2019 will be a best year for changes in the way we work using new and advanced technologies.
  • Whether in food, clothing or any product manufacturing sector the automation process is increasing rapidly. So, why are manufacturers investing more in the automation process? To reduce the headcount and to increase in production.
  • With ERP, manufacturers can make an automated and integrated manufacturing process. In real-time automated insights the data will updated automatically with the ERP system. ERP brings all the departments data into a single platform, so manufacturers can manage easily.
  • By ERP automated and integrated, manufacturer’s gets quality and cost savings with much less manual intervention, particularly when collecting the data.

Mobility and Flexibility

In this advanced world nobody wants to be stick to a desks and there is really no reason to be.  With Mobility solutions, operate from basic thing to huge operating systems, use smartphones or tablets to access systems and manage easily. With mobility feature scan through your mobile scanners and barcode readers.

Transparency and Sustainability

  • Now customers’ trend to 24 hour buying, with the flexibility to see and order what you want whenever you want. Transparency is necessary not only in terms of the purchasing process, but also in terms of keeping the customers’ data and updating about the product in each time.
  • ERP integrated eCommerce solutions for both B2B and B2C solutions give suppliers the competitive advantage they are looking for, exceeding customer expectations and creating loyal customers for life.
  • Sustainability of your ERP solution is becoming an increasingly important topic of conversation. The trend towards ERP software in India gives you the fully knowledge that your solution will always be operating on the right updates, with the right security – giving you the competitive advantage you need.

for more information for visit here ERP Software Provider in Hyderabad, India

ERP Software Providers in Hyderabad

Latest ERP Software Trends in India

Point Of Sale (POS) Software

 POS software for Retail Stores

A POS system is a computer software that archives sales as they occur; it solves diverse problems of operations and record-keeping. POS software for Retail stores in Hyderabad, India are designed to instantaneously record the transactions data and all sales. POS not only do timely and precise sales tracking but it also easily classify inventory levels. Along with your transactions, you can manage all the information at your fingertips. Now compare your years of sales data with just a few mouse-clicks, yes it possible with POS software. Many of Retail stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Wholesalers are using POS software to track inventory, automatically generating order lists as required, even modifying quantities for seasonal demands. Simply, a POS software system helps you to keep a constant eye on a bottom line for your business.

POS Software for Retail Stores:

Whether you manage your business from store, online or from a mobile device, all your orders are automatically synced through Tech Cloud POS software. Our POS software makes it easy to manage orders from your computer, iPhone or in-store POS system.

Some benefits of POS software:

  • With POS systems reduce the errors, everything is managed by barcodes only. With this, easily scan the data and update within the time, no need of extra time to prepare reports.
  • Automatically adjusts all the prices without much headache.
  • All the discounts, coupons or any schemes and some kind of promotions can be tracked easily, without any other extra efforts.
  • Control employee efficiency and the customer services in absence, Through Tech Cloud POS Software one can manage anywhere at any time.
  • If the store is present more than one location, through Tech Cloud ERP integrated POS software can track all the stores data in a single database.
Features of Tech Cloud POS Software for Small Business in Hyderabad, India:

Adapt Latest Technology:

Tech Cloud POS software offer cloud-based computing software, which means the software can be used from any devices like computers, mobiles, tablets, etc. This is only possible with an ERP integration with POS software in the server that is externally handled. Our Point Of Sale software can be installed across different platforms which allows the users to have the access across different store locations if they have many. Tech Cloud POS software in Hyderabad, India is helpful in both touchscreen and non-touch screen systems and has the ability to manage multiple screens to do proper sales.

No Extra Efforts:

The automation of discounts, coupons or schemes is possible without any extra effort. Yes, by our Point Of Sale Software it is possible to store credit accumulation history and can be used over a period of time.

Efficiency aspects:

Tech Cloud POS Software allows the employees and manager to view, print, copy and void receipts/sales. Printing of invoices and purchase orders becomes quicker with our software integration with different points of purchase.

Installation and Backup:

As, Tech Cloud POS Software is a cloud computing software, there is worries about data loss and gives a better reliability feature.

Easily manage Inventory:

Customization of invoices/bills is possible with our POS Software. Our cloud POS software in India allows multiple users/login. This makes easier for staff and managers to check-in and update the store inventory and sales details at any time.

Best Retail POS Software in Hyderabad

Point Of Sale Software in Hyderabad

Cloud POS software in Hyderabad

Hospitality Management ERP Software

Hospitality Management ERP Software in India

Whether your business is a small sized or large, they will always a favour of ERP systems to handle day-to-day transactions in each department of an organization to generate flawless reports. These reports usually helps management to understand the business status easily. The process is similar with the hospitality industry as well. For any hospitality business, whether it is a bar services, a hotel or a lounge, maintaining all the transactions becomes more critical because the business runs on daily basis.

ERP software is the most important software to manage the hospitality industry, to make the business streamlined and manageable. Implementing an ERP software system enables the businesses to utilize the opportunities and make maximum benefits, while maintaining good customer relationship. Cloud computing becoming trend in now a days, cloud ERP software for Hospitality Industry help in managing by enhancing the processes and offer a comprehensive control over all the aspects of the business.

Use of ERP Software for Hospitality Industries:

The basic and common primary tasks at any hotel/lounge would be offering timely service to the customers. And also know what an ERP system can do for hospitality industry.
• Get more sales
• Customer service with advanced
• Create better customer interactions through a well-organized feedback system
• Manage the checklists at the end-of-day
• Financial data with one single click
• Adjust time process
• Inventory management
• Get historical data of sales, inventory, purchase etc.
• Easily manage suppliers

Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Software for Hospitality Industry:

All backups and history available at fingertips:

In hospitality industry, maintaining good customer relationship plays a major role. This makes it very critical to maintain records of a regular customers. In order to achieve the same, Cloud-Based ERP software in India will help you to save, change, organize and alter all the data. And at the same time securely save the information over the cloud servers.

Reduced time cycles and increased productivity:

Through ERP software services get on time room availability of, check-ins and checkouts, charges calculation, delivery options etc., to plan and coordinate a hospitality industry seamlessly. And it also lets to manage menu card listings and prices, to offer your customers “best in industry” experience.

• Planned business modules:

Cloud ERP software solution made up of an easy to use business modules, which simplifies challenges of hospitality managers come across. Purchase, HR, Inventory, Finance etc. are few of those important modules of ERP software in India.

• Close monitoring:

ERP software solution will assist with a close monitoring of entire ongoing processes from one workstation. It is possible to track every kitchen order & its serving, status of room service, customer checkouts etc.

Hospitality Management ERP Software in Hyderabad

Hospitality Management ERP Software in India

cloud ERP software for Hospitality Industry

ERP Software for Trading Industry


Being a trader, one should have to serve their customers efficiently and they need to track their marketing strategies in the real- time. For a successful trading business it has right combination of tools and techniques, right from receiving orders, planning to shipping and delivering goods to the customers.

Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions understands the complexity involved in the whole business operation in trading industry and that’s why we designed and developed an effective and the best Trading ERP software for your business.

Tech Cloud ERP for trading business offers you the best needed and craved edge over your competitors in the market. Our enterprise resource management solution offers an end-to-end solution, which controls and organizes every aspect of trading business- be it packing and shipping goods on a small scale to processing and distributing global orders. It means, our cloud ERP software is best fit for all sizes of trading businesses.

Tech Cloud ERP offer cloud based ERP software for small trading company and provides sales, HR, Finance, Product, CRM modules also.

Our all in one ERP solution for trading businesses assists companies procure actionable customer insights and also enable them to convert leads into buyers successfully.

So, what is the benefit of using Tech Cloud ERP Software for your Trading Business?

  • Real-time tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Robust operations tracking
  • Expand trading
  • Access to multiple locations
  • Leads management
  • Sales management (Multiple)
  • Tracking sales
  • Analyze old sales reports
  • Stock (Inventory) management
  • HR/Payroll management
  • Finance management

ERP Software for Trading Industry in India

ERP Software for Trading Industry in Hyderabad

Best Trading Software in Hyderabad