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Now a days, most of the companies are familiar with ERP software system. They plan ERP systems to help combine and organize data that is spread across each of its independent departments. Basically, Traditional ERP software solutions are often limited within a company’s own server infrastructure and require updating and servicing to stay alive. Coming to Cloud ERP software, as the name suggests, it is developed in the cloud more like SaaS (Software as a Service.) Unlike traditional ERP software, cloud-based ERP software relies on the cloud rather than proprietary server infrastructure to help companies share information across departments. Cloud ERP software in Hyderabad integrates some or all of the essential functions to running a business, e.g. Sales & Marketing, Finance, Inventory Management, HRMS/Payroll, CRM, etc. – into one complete ERP system. Essential cloud ERP software systems is a shared database that serves for multiple functions used by different business units. This cloud-based software allows employees in a different division to access and work on the same information for their specific needs. And with Tech Cloud ERP software this is accomplished without requiring an extensive on-premises server presence.

Why Cloud ERP?

Tech Cloud ERP solution is more accessible and more mobile friendly than traditional on-premises solutions. Now with Tech Cloud ERP, companies can upload, access or manage their data in real-time via the cloud, from anywhere – any time – any device just with an Internet connection, allowing for greater collaboration among departments.

Tech Cloud ERP software also has the benefit of being hosted on one platform. Having all business applications, like CRM, HRMS and Accounting, for example, on the same cloud platform allows you to unify your systems of engagement with your systems of record.

Instead of managing your company’s front and back office applications in separate systems, using Tech Cloud ERP manage all your office applications, data from a single cloud platform that allows to employee collaboration and get real-time reports.

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cloud erp software in hyderabad

cloud erp software

ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Industry


These days Pharma business has a remarkable growth, taking from the high demand levels in the world and strong demand from export markets. Managing a Pharmaceutical Industry is not an easy task, it has to manage with different departments like Inventory, Production, Quality Check, Packaging, Sales, Purchase, HR/Payroll, Finance and many more. Using a Pharmaceutical ERP software is very important to manage the whole process. Tech Cloud ERP software for pharma industry in India is the one which can take care of all operations right from the Planning to Packaging and from Sales to Finance. The ever growing demand for an increased pharmaceutical products has results to a high competitive market, therefore keeping a lot of focus on pharmaceutical manufacturers in the small and medium businesses to keep themselves with the ever-increasing demand for the production of such drugs in huge quantities.Tech Cloud ERP is a robust and scalable ERP which helps to operate & maintain all the processes and the data from one system of a Pharma Industry. Tech Cloud ERP software for Pharmaceutical Industry in India is a flexible & the most powerful business management tool and it manages all the critical business functions in any business process.

Tech Cloud ERP makes best utilization of all available resources and the final result is a higher efficiency and better performance. It can easily track a lot properties while optimizing and improving other business processes like batch production, sales, inventory, purchase, quality assurance, accounting, regulatory reporting etc.

Advantages of Tech Cloud ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • With cloud based ERP software, one can easily handle accounting module for all type of sales & purchases.
  • Using ERP software help in higher production by streamlining all the business processes.
  • Easily monitor all inventory & purchased goods.
  • Excellent reporting – You get several reports in your business, with Tech Cloud ERP you can manage MIS reports of all the transaction in your business.
  • Faster Decisions – Tech Cloud ERP helps to take better business decisions with their ERP, by operating from any device, any place and any time.
  • In Pharma industries there will be different departments like production, Quality Check, Packaging, Sale and many more. To know the current status of finish good easy with the help of Tech Cloud ERP software in India. It tracks the stock of inventory & maintains the detailed data of each and every good.
  • Gives clear structure on cost management for overall industry.
  • Accounting will be easily handle for all types of customer & vendor bills.
  • Tech Cloud Finance Module gathers all the financial data from various departments and generates valuable financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis etc.
  • The main benefit of Tech Cloud ERP is saving time and operational costs of your business.
  • After deployment, Tech Cloud ERP provides customer support and gives free training also.

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erp software for pharma industry in hyderabad

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ERP Software for FMCG Industry


Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG is a type of industry that provide everyday needs which includes some amount of products of daily supplies. The challenge in FMCG Industry is to build fidelity by customer engagement. Therefore the information of stocks on the allegiance and timely delivery is the key to success. There should be an excellent software to deliver a highly personalized experience to the consumers by providing the different products on the rows for them to make choices.

Giving customer preferences with timely and accurate products and providing a constant effort for quality product development and production planning for FMCG Industries. Tech Cloud ERP help FMCG’s in anticipating, planning and managing the demand for innovative consumer goods and to exceed the expectations of even the most refined customers. FMCG industries also have many conventional products which have the effective understanding of demographics and geographic information’s for the distribution. With excellent analytical MIS Reports Tech Cloud ERP helps their users to find out easily which type of products are selling in which areas, fluctuations and consumer preferences. This reports helps the organization to plan better for growth. Backward and forward planning with capacity utilization provides required tools to plan better fulfillment of demand.

Tech Cloud ERP software for FMCG industry in India is an end-to-end distribution management software that goes more the usual resource planning to provide budget planning from Sales to Purchase to Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Product Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management etc. Generally cloud based ERP software quickly transforms your organization from an unorganized data-driven to an information-driven organization.

Tech Cloud ERP is the best solution to manage FMCG requirements like:

  • Manage Multiple Locations, Companies, Branches
  • Analysis Multi-Level, Variant, Group BOM
  • Bill of Material Management
  • Products Delivery Management
  • Multiple Production Routes Planning
  • Tracking Management
  • Easy Accessibility & Fully Secured (Cloud Hosting)
  • Batch Management
  • Tracking Mobile App
  • Planned vs Actual Analytics
  • Sales & Purchase Management
  • Return Material Authorization
  • Credit Management
  • Packing & Shipping Management
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Finance Management

Benefits of Tech Cloud FMCG ERP Software:

  • Cloud ERP software for FMCG provides an unique database where all the business transactions were entered, recorded, processed, monitored and reported.
  • Make a huge view of the business that encompasses all functions and departments easily.
  • Reduces errors caused by human power.
  • Provides centralized databased, with that one can track all the departments/branches/companies from a single platform.
  • Gets analytical reports of all the functions.
  • Helps in tracking stocks (in & out).
  • Basically Tech Cloud ERP is a cloud based ERP software, data of all stores and warehouses can be manageable easily over the internet.

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erp software for fmcg business in hyderabad

erp software for fmcg industry in India

ERP Software for Metal Fabrication Industries

ERP software for metal fabrication industries in Hyderabad

Generally the fabrication industries is highly dynamic and competitive in the world. The word fabrication plays an important role in all types of industries and mainly fabrication can done for structures, components and machines to wide range of industries like automobiles, electronics, chemical, construction etc. Enterprise Resource Planning software in Hyderabad, India is the right tool for smooth way to run high complex supply chain operations, manufacturing the right products, maintaining the right materials with quality specifications, maintaining in/out time deliveries, optimized supply chain, achieving profitability.

Tech Cloud ERP Software for Fabrication Industries:

Tech Cloud ERP software provides advanced cloud ERP software system which is connected by entire organization to a single platform. TC ERP software provides business intelligence solutions and along with flexible mobile responsive app feature to easily connect for quick updates. Tech Cloud ERP develops a high powerful seamless integrated cloud based ERP software for manufacturing industries and deploys at very low price. We provides a customized ERP software solutions to face strong headwinds in growing revenue and maintaining highly competition in the world.  Tech Cloud ERP software is highly scalable and robust solution that has ability maintain multiple department’s process in any kind of business.

Benefits of Tech Cloud ERP Software:

  • Productivity and reducing wastage
  • Compliance management
  • Fully integrated end to end business process
  • Traceability and warranty management
  • Accurate analytics and clear view of shop floor conditions
  • Easy to analysis the requirements and provides solutions to different business needs
  • Manipulation of work order priorities and deliveries
  • Improve work life cycle
  • No maintains and upgrade fees
  • Access from anywhere at any time
  • Highly equipment uptime and low unexpected failures
  • Fully integrated accounting functions with automatic journal entities
  • Easily identifying material conflicts
  • Eliminate unplanned and unnecessary down time
  • Invoicing modules with documentation needs such as shipping, freight, insurances etc.
  • End to end supply chain tracking and traceability

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Is ERP Software beneficial for Packaging Industries?


Integrate ERP Software in Packaging Industries and Maintain Accurate Analytics:

From small down bottles to a readymade food packets and from a small medicine to a pharmaceutical machineries, the packaging industries have to provide secure, protection and marketing. With these innovations packaging industry have a unique set of manufacturing necessities, any packaging company deserves an ERP software for packaging industry that fits all the needs.

Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions provides completely integrated ERP software with advanced features to assist total packaging process and to maintain total visibility & control of packaging. Packaging materials are always a challenging task, so you need a flexible management tool that should adapt to your growing business. Unlike entry-level ERP software, Tech Cloud ERP for Packaging Industries is built to solve challenges for an entire manufacturing multiple operation in an organization.

Valid Processing:

The products for packaging comes in a different shapes and sizes. TC ERP helps you to plan and execute the packaging process safely.

Speed Chain and Material Management

Supply Chain management process plays a vital role in any type of manufacturing industries. A smooth supply chain is the life line of manufacturing business. With Tech Cloud ERP manage supply chain process easily.

Product Management:

Manage all your products and their packaging needs efficiently, furthermore, design and label the products seamlessly, matching the needs of the market.

Smart Warehouse Management:

Packaging industry has a challenge of managing considerable amount of inventory, keeping their batches, packaging details etc. by keeping in mind, Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions can make the warehouse management easier.

Faster Shipping:

Tech Cloud ERP connect all the department to a single point to manage easily. Here warehouse management system is automatically connected to the delivery department, with this warehouse team can respond to priorities for urgent deliveries in real time.

Lower Operational Costs:

Tech Cloud ERP software can magnify your production rate, streamline your process and helps in lower the operational costs and mainly you can save time easily.


Take your packaging company to the next level of growth with a strong customized ERP software to solve your specific industry challenges.

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Best ERP Software for Packaging Industries in Hyderabad

ERP Software for Packaging Industries in India

Cloud ERP Software for Packaging Industries in Hyderabad

HR Management Software

Best HR Management Software in Hyderabad

An HRMS system connects HR Management and Information Technology through HR software. With the automated and time-consuming tasks helps human resources management free some work and allows to focus on other highly impactful areas in a company.

Modern HRMS:

In this digital business world, it is compulsory to adopt new technologies to bite our competitors. By HR management software, make your business more successful, HRMS handles all HR activities of the modern company. And also the present trend is developing any software in the cloud, so Cloud-Based HR Management Software helps to work effectively and increases the profits of many organizations.

Functions of HR Management Software :

Usually, the function of the HR department may involve tracking employee skills, histories, abilities, salaries etc. HR people have to gather all this information, but it is difficult to take information individually, with the HRMS to gather the bulk of information can be easy for any HR. HRMS has different types of modules, each module performs a separate function that helps with information gathering or tracking.

The modules are:

  • Payroll management
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Gathering and storing employee information
  • Attendance management
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Benefits administration
  • Learning management
  • Employee self-service
  • Employee scheduling
  • Analytics & decision making

Need for an HRM Software Solution:

Before making a decision of selecting a Cloud HR Management Software solutions, first, know the needs of the company (Process & Goals). Select an HRMS system depending on the size and structure of the company, it helps to have an organization-wide meeting or to select representatives from each department to discuss HRMS goals and options.


The information which is stored in an HR management software is highly sensitive, it may include owners’ information, companies’ data volumes, employees’ information etc. It is better to choose the best HR Management Software in Hyderabad, India.

Why Tech Cloud HRMS System:

Using Tech Cloud HR Management Software for your company can make a huge difference to future growth and success. Tech Cloud HR management software takes care of all HR functions manually and our automated system can help to increase productivity levels and can change the way that your company is perceived in the modern marketplace. However our HRMS system is not fixed for only single sized organizations, we integrate HR management software for any sized company.

Benefits of Tech Cloud HRMS Software:

  • Efficient employee management
  • Reduce time-consuming tasks through automation
  • Easy and fast access to information
  • Accurate statutory reports
  • Helps in appraisal
  • Reduce redundant data entry and errors
  • Grievances can be identified and resolved soon as it arises
  • Employee self-service options
  • Reduce wastage of paper and storage which is a cost saving
  • Travel, loan and skill matrix management
  • Employee leave and attendance tracking
  • Timesheet management of progressing tasks
  • Perform analysis and reviews for better decision making

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