Best ERP Software for Manufacturing
October 3, 2019

Best ERP Software for Manufacturing

ERP is a software solution which integrates all the departments in any type of business. With a centralized database, best ERP software for manufacturing connects all the modules Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Finance and Human Resource to a single point and allows to communicate with one another. Using an integrated system, ERP software automates all the tasks for you and everyone has the access depending on the task and makes the process much easier.

Every user has a doubt about ERP complexity. So what makes ERP so complex? Generally it depends upon the variations/size/modules of the company. In every implementation, there will be different processes from each industry.

After implementation, what an ERP software can do for your Industry?

ERP software is a technology, which users can manage their process and can establish a strong business infrastructure. ERP software solution assist companies in rapid growth mode, international expansion or preparing systems for pending commercialization. The best ERP software in India has the tools to get up and running quickly, manage costs, streamline processes and drive revenues. Below are some modules were ERP software can provide you;

  • Sales Management: In any company sales play a key role, with this module manage all your sales workflows. Sales modules take care from inquiries – quotations to sales ordering and invoicing. Sales module tracks all shipments and GST rules.
  • Purchase: All the procurement processes are managed by this purchase module. Purchase module manages total workflow from orders to deliveries and can be done with an integrated system
  • Inventory Management: With an Inventory management software in India manage all your stock, stock replacement, outdated stock, track items in your organization with giving numbering.
  • Production Management: This module aims to make perfect manufacturing process. With production module make your production process more efficient. Track your daily production, integrate with other modules like inventory, SCM.
  • Finance Module: Manage all your capitals with this Finance Management software. Running a successful business is not only thing, having an idea about how much money is coming and how much money you are spending for your business is also important. Finance module addresses accounting transactions like expenditures, balance sheets, GST management and also it can generate financial reports for any department.
  • CRM: To manage your customer data, this Customer Relationship Management module is very helpful. This module improves your customer services like manages leads, customer issues, customers history etc.
  • Supply Chain Management: SCM module addresses your supply chain, purchase order management, process automation, manages entire workflow from production to delivery and if any returns the process continues.
  • Human Resource Management: HR management software manages your staff data like time sheets, attendance, employee performance, payrolls, interview scheduling etc.
  • Asset Management: This module manages all your physical assets, like your building, manufacturing plant, manufacturing equipment’s and many more.


There are many variety of ERP software solutions in this market. Among them Tech Cloud ERP is the best cloud-based ERP software in Hyderabad, India. If you have already using an ERP system and you want to replace it with cloud-based ERP software, Tech Cloud ERP is the best choice. It customizes according to your requirements and also integrates with ecommerce, POS and CRM systems.

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