Ease your Logistics Industry operations with Tech Cloud ERP
August 23, 2021

Ease your Logistics Industry operations with Tech Cloud ERP

Logistics are the heart and soul of any industry. Apparently, without logistics, it is merely impossible to run any business. The transportation of goods from factories to the end-user is catered by logistics, the supply of raw materials, goods and equipment to both the maker and the consumer. Hence the logistics industry is very crucial among all. Considering the significance of the logistics industry, Tech Cloud ERP has developed a functional ERP Software for the Logistics Industry which caters to the complete requirements of the business.

Tech Cloud ERP has many unique functionalities, among which the most valid for the logistic Industry:

  • SMS and email integration

SMS and email integration with the ERP will help in prompt response to the updates and on tracking since all the communications are integrated through emails and SMS.

  • Inventory Control and Stock availability

One of the most essential tasks to ensure operational fluency in logistics and transportation is having complete control over the inventory. Tech Cloud ERP ensures that it brings all the notable works under one single dashboard allowing business heads to keep a keen eye on the current status of their inventory.

  • Improve distribution management

Tech Cloud has a fully integrated Logistics ERP system that gives great service for distribution management, distribution management keeps a complete track of the material supplied to the respective party. The in and out movement of the material can be easily seen in a real-time report. An excellent distribution management eliminates human error as everything is automated.

  • Enhanced Staff Management

Our Web-based ERP Software provides a dedicated HR module with fully functioning transactions and real-time reports, it is competent and provides staff management related data that is attendance management, payroll management etc. With Tech Cloud ERP you can ensure real time employee data and analysis of their performance.

Contact Tech Cloud ERP and see how it can simplify your logistics business process to manage your regulatory and compliance efforts.


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