GST Ready E-Invoicing system integration with ERP Software
June 29, 2021

GST Ready E-Invoicing system integration with ERP Software

As the technology has taken a faster pace, all the industries and companies are now looking forward to the GST Ready ERP Software with E-Invoicing integration. There are ample advantages in GST e-invoicing. 

Considering the needs and demand of the market, Tech Cloud ERP Software has come up with this solution and is capable of allowing real-time tracking of invoices prepared by a supplier, faster availability of input tax credit, The details in e-way bill gets auto-populated from e-invoice authenticated from the GST portal.

Our GST Ready E-Invoice System will provide the following benefits:

  • Real-time tracking of invoices

  • One-time reporting of B2B invoices

  • Easy creation of e-way bill

  • Helps the buyers

  • Reduction in frauds

  • Reduction in data entry errors

  • Allows interoperability

  • Curb tax evasion

  • QR code helps you to generate invoices

Because of the flexibility and adaptability of Tech Cloud ERP, e-Invoicing integration is very easy and affordable. It comes with great benefits and security. Tech Cloud ERP is capable of easily conforming to the approved standards of the goods and service tax (GST council). Tech Cloud ERP functions very smoothly with e-Invoicing as it completely eliminates the probability or chances of glitches and the delays while filing the GST returns. As the ERP is completely integrated, it monitors all the functionality centrally.

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