Pace up your Wood Business with the most trusted Tech Cloud ERP
March 5, 2021

Pace up your Wood Business with the most trusted Tech Cloud ERP Software

India is one of the most comprehensive importers of wood. As a developing country, the need for wood is all-time high. Wood is in great need of industries like furniture, paper, toy manufacturing, charcoal, electrical industries, etc.

Our ERP software for the wood industry leads and helps your business during the various key processes including the purchase of raw wood to its delivery. Tech Cloud ERP provides industry-specific ERP solutions for SMEs and enterprises in India.

Tech Cloud ERP software is the best ERP software for the wood manufacturing industry, which can help to grow your business and improve productivity. And also will provide deep insights and the performance of the wood industry, which helps to reduce production costs and increases operational efficiency.

After successfully deploying ERP projects and solutions for the Wood Industry, the Enterprise will:

  • Manage throughout product information: Create, update, sustain and develop product information from sample processes, create models and production processes.

  • Control production quality: The whole production process is checked and updated into the ERP system with detailed technical standards/images to compare with product features.

  • Plan to purchase raw materials: Automatically determines the purpose based on BOM, plan for production and real inventory of materials.

  • Control implementation progress: The production process is updated in detail at each production stage of any work order.

  • Managing cost and expenses: Upon receiving the inquiries from customers, the enterprise will immediately estimate the cost and production expenses for the product. 

  • Increasing customer satisfaction: Proactively getting information and recording customer feedback on any changes quickly.

  • Administrators are ensured of constantly updated data.

With Tech Cloud ERP solution, the entire production and business process of the enterprise will be standardized and managed on the system throughout and calculating and monitoring the material plan in a timely and optimal manner with the production plan. Our approach to ERP software is unique. We recognize that each of our clients, even within a specific industry like wood manufacturing is still different, with a unique set of workflows. Contact Tech Cloud ERP today to improve your wood fabrication business.

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