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February 9, 2019

 POS software for Retail Stores

A POS system is a computer software that archives sales as they occur; it solves diverse problems of operations and record-keeping. POS software for Retail stores in Hyderabad, India are designed to instantaneously record the transactions data and all sales. POS not only do timely and precise sales tracking but it also easily classify inventory levels. Along with your transactions, you can manage all the information at your fingertips. Now compare your years of sales data with just a few mouse-clicks, yes it possible with POS software. Many of Retail stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Wholesalers are using POS software to track inventory, automatically generating order lists as required, even modifying quantities for seasonal demands. Simply, a POS software system helps you to keep a constant eye on a bottom line for your business.

POS Software for Retail Stores:

Whether you manage your business from store, online or from a mobile device, all your orders are automatically synced through Tech Cloud POS software. Our POS software makes it easy to manage orders from your computer, iPhone or in-store POS system.

Some benefits of POS software:

  • With POS systems reduce the errors, everything is managed by barcodes only. With this, easily scan the data and update within the time, no need of extra time to prepare reports.
  • Automatically adjusts all the prices without much headache.
  • All the discounts, coupons or any schemes and some kind of promotions can be tracked easily, without any other extra efforts.
  • Control employee efficiency and the customer services in absence, Through Tech Cloud POS Software one can manage anywhere at any time.
  • If the store is present more than one location, through Tech Cloud ERP integrated POS software can track all the stores data in a single database.
Features of Tech Cloud POS Software for Small Business in Hyderabad, India:

Adapt Latest Technology:

Tech Cloud POS software offer cloud-based computing software, which means the software can be used from any devices like computers, mobiles, tablets, etc. This is only possible with an ERP integration with POS software in the server that is externally handled. Our Point Of Sale software can be installed across different platforms which allows the users to have the access across different store locations if they have many. Tech Cloud POS software in Hyderabad, India is helpful in both touchscreen and non-touch screen systems and has the ability to manage multiple screens to do proper sales.

No Extra Efforts:

The automation of discounts, coupons or schemes is possible without any extra effort. Yes, by our Point Of Sale Software it is possible to store credit accumulation history and can be used over a period of time.

Efficiency aspects:

Tech Cloud POS Software allows the employees and manager to view, print, copy and void receipts/sales. Printing of invoices and purchase orders becomes quicker with our software integration with different points of purchase.

Installation and Backup:

As, Tech Cloud POS Software is a cloud computing software, there is worries about data loss and gives a better reliability feature.

Easily manage Inventory:

Customization of invoices/bills is possible with our POS Software. Our cloud POS software in India allows multiple users/login. This makes easier for staff and managers to check-in and update the store inventory and sales details at any time.

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