Tech Cloud ERP Vs Other ERPs
August 16, 2019

To meet the business challenges, the operational systems should contact with each other. The systems also need to provide real-time reports of transactions through-out the organization and to be flexible with the changing structure of the company. As growth of an organization increases, the information which needed to be shared over all the departments also increases. And when a certain period of time has business grows, new functionalities are also required to be added to the existing systems. Deploying a proper  Cloud ERP software solutions, users can decrease some major errors like inventory shortages. An ERP software in India also reduces operational costs due to the better planning, avoids wastage of time and increases traceability & trackability. ERP software systems makes all tasks simple and smooth and provides inventory tracking & management, order tracking, revenue tracking, production tracking, production management, sales management. There are many ERP Softwares are available in the market for different business needs. Among them, Tech Cloud ERP is an excellent ERP software providers in India which helps in aggregate and organizes data that is spread across each of its independent departments. Tech Cloud ERP is often housed within a company’s own server infrastructure and requires updating and servicing to stay current. Tech Cloud ERP, as the name suggests, it is developed in the cloud much like SaaS (Software as a Service.) Unlike traditional ERP software, Cloud Based ERP Software relies on the cloud rather than proprietary server infrastructure to help companies share information across departments. Cloud ERP Software integrates some or all of the essential functions to running a business, e.g. accounting, inventory and order management, Cloud HRMS Software in India and Cloud Based CRM Software etc. into one complete ERP system.

In India, about 90% of the businesses run their accounting on open source ERP softwares like Tally ERP. This is because a majority of CA’s find Tally ERP software in Hyderabad, India more comfortable than any other available software. But Tally is more suitable for Finance/Accounting management in a business. If customers want only Finance module, then Tally is best suitable. But now a days, most of the people are shifting to cloud based ERP software from traditional ERP.  Below we provided a table with comparison of Tech Cloud ERP and other ERPs.

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