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Tech Cloud CRM


Our web and cloud based CRM software in Hyderabad, India helps companies to manage their relationship and interactions with customers and associate partners. We understand your requirements and the importance of your association with your customers. The CRM Software aims to help businesses benefit from your relationship with your customers while keeping your needs and insights in mind. Tech Cloud CRM software system automates your routine activities for sales, service and marketing teams, leaving them free to use their time and skills to think to generate leads and close deals. Packed with custom features, our CRM software is the key to all the solutions that you have been looking for. It is an easy, adaptable, affordable CRM for small businesses as well as medium-sized businesses. Tech Cloud CRM software allows you to achieve targeted results as all features can be customized easily. Simply put, Tech Cloud CRM helps you and your sales team to do the right things, at the right time.


With its cloud-based customer relationship management platform, Tech Cloud CRM helps companies of all sizes to track and nurture leads and analyze business metrics. Tech Cloud CRM software in Hyderabad, India is the best and suitable for any B2B or B2C businesses in a variety of segments, including accounting, construction, and retail. But, implementing a CRM Software system is not simply a matter of adopting new technology. It is as much about people as it is about processes.
Cloud CRM Software demands change all the way across the organization and should involve personnel from your marketing, sales and customer service departments directly.


Contact Management

Organize your business contacts and record relevant information to create opportunities and leads. Import contacts to communicate with clients and send marketing campaigns. Duplicate contact information for clients in the same business to save time and improve efficiency.

Target Customers

Target potential customers by configuring them into lists using information from your contacts database. By identifying your target audience, your business can create focused marketing campaigns for those most likely to buy your product or service.

Organise Meetings

Use Tech Cloud CRM to schedule meetings with clients or colleagues and send invites. Manage meeting notes to track business activities. Set expected durations and reminders for upcoming meetings.

Manage Opportunities

Track prospective sales and improve your bottom line by managing opportunities, recording expected revenue, and close dates to generate accurate sales pipeline reports. Combine emails, calls, tasks, and documents to identify necessary actions.

Streamline Workflow

Capture new leads through word of mouth, email campaigns, and webinars. Delegate these leads to your sales team, equipped with tasks, quotes, and calls modules, to close deals or reassign leads. Schedule calls or send emails to follow up with leads.

Invoicing & Order Management

Produce mass quotes from won opportunities with Tech Cloud CRM, reducing time spent gathering quotes from different clients. Get quotes out quickly to stay ahead of competitors. Once a client places an order, your sales team can easily convert the quote into an order.

Case Management

Identify and track customer issues using Tech Cloud CRM. Resolve issues promptly to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Prioritize and delegate tasks efficiently to address important issues first.

Project Management

Manage and access your projects through Tech Cloud CRM. Create tasks and integrate documents associated with each project, allowing you to set hours and days allocated to customer projects efficiently.

Email Marketing

Keep customers informed about new products or services through targeted campaigns using Tech Cloud CRM. Engage them with relevant content that meets their demands. Use your target list to prioritize valuable customers likely to generate sales.