certified SAP expertise, and 27 years of extensive experience, shapes our vision and strategic path.


Mr. Raj is a Mechanical Engineer and a certified SAP Production Planning Consultant. Known for his dynamic personality, Mr. Raj thrives on engaging with individuals at all levels to enhance his knowledge base. He is a meticulous observer of processes, consistently providing precise solutions swiftly. His profound expertise and leadership abilities have significantly advanced the careers of numerous professionals and have been instrumental in the growth of various businesses.

With a robust background spanning 27 years, Mr. Raj has enriched various sectors, including Design, Chemical Processing, Manufacturing, FMCG, and IT. His career has seen him excel in roles across both Indian and multinational companies, including:

  • Mitsubishi Chemical Factory - Manager (Production & Maintenance)
  • United Breweries Limited - Senior Officer (Production)
  • Usha International - Senior Manager (Production)
  • Softpro Systems LLC - Senior Business Analyst
  • Criterion - Managing Director
  • OM IT Solutions - Regional Head
  • Rigel Soft - Founder & Managing Partner
  • Tech Integra Solutions - Founder & Managing Partner
  • Xseed Tech Integra Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Raj's profound understanding of the manufacturing domain and ERP systems has led him to develop several innovative ERP software solutions. These products, celebrated for their agile methodology and rapid return on investment, have revolutionized operations in the SME sector. His ability to simplify complex IT challenges into straightforward algorithms has been a game-changer.

A staunch advocate for innovation, Mr. Raj ensures that it is a staple in all his endeavors. His creation, Tech Cloud ERP, exemplifies this, benefiting customers, employees, and stakeholders alike with its SUCCESS.

As the visionary behind Tech Cloud ERP, Mr. Raj oversees strategic planning, operations, and future expansions, continually steering the company towards greater heights through his insight, dedication, and patience.

Message from MD's Desk

Thank you for choosing to continue your valuable partnership with us. Your ongoing support and trust in our products inspire us to deliver exceptional service and ensure that we provide outstanding value for your investment. Committed to propelling Tech Cloud ERP to new heights, we remain dedicated to addressing your needs with solutions that are not only simpler and more efficient but also reliable and cost-effective.

We actively engage in continuous dialogue with you, our esteemed customers, to understand and anticipate your evolving requirements, ensuring we are prepared to meet them as they arise. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction drives us to tailor our products precisely to your specifications and to offer steadfast support after your purchase.

Our mission to fulfill these promises is powered by our greatest asset—our employees. Their relentless dedication plays a crucial role in the realization of our company's goals.

Thus, we ask for the ongoing support of our valued customers and the cooperation of our dedicated employees. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our supporters who have played a significant role in our company's journey and growth. Your partnership is vital to our continued success, and we look forward to achieving our shared objectives together.