Best ERP Software for Retail Stores in India

Best ERP Software for Retail Stores in India

The main purpose of cloud-based ERP software for a Retail business is to assist quick decision taking in real-time and maintains Retail Stores accurate data end to end. Tech Cloud ERP software is one of the best ERP software in India mainly our ERP software is designed in a way that, it perfectly fits for Retail businesses. In my answer, I would like to share about the modules and benefits of Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions for retail stores.Tech Cloud Retail ERP software have many advanced modules like Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Inventory, Order Entry, Billing & Invoicing, Warehouse Management, HR Management, Receivable & Tractions and Distribution. Tech Cloud ERP software is the best ERP software for Retail Stores in India which runs efficiently in different departments & locations of your store. It monitors and generate real-time reports of all activities and connects to a centralized database system. Is Tech Cloud ERP software can do only these things? My answer is “NO”, Tech Cloud ERP provides many useful functions for Retailers like;

  • Retail Planning: Depending upon retailer’s requirements, Tech Cloud ERP software is designed in a way that, it perfectly plans all the functions and reduces the time of your staff.
  • Store Operations: Store management is one of the difficult task in retail business. Tech Cloud ERP software provides streamline operations and helps to manage the store branches from a single connected system.
  • Inventory Management: Tech Cloud ERP tracks the inventory data, shipping data, items damage, existing inventory data, raw material transitions and distribution etc.
  • Vendor Management: Capture vendor details, lead time, performance and other vendor details, comparison between vendor and preferred vendor of your Retail Store with Tech Cloud ERP.
  • Software Integration: Tech Cloud ERP Integrated software helps retailers to integrate their POS system with Tech Cloud ERP. If retailers have an online business, Tech Cloud ERP provides a fully integrated ERP – eCommerce – POS system, with this integration user can handle all their departments from a single source.
  • Customer Management: Using TC ERP software maintain stores customer data easily, our software automatically enables stores customer details. In additionally maintain new customer data, identity of your best customers, reviews etc.
  • Supply Chain Management: Tech Cloud ERP manages end to end operations of the stores. Finding errors and give notifications to all departments without delay, if one department stops the overall process gets block. By reducing operational cost and increasing supply chain process Tech Cloud ERP provides an advanced supply chain management system.
  • Quality Control Management: For any business quality assurance is very important, to improve customer’s satisfaction and to deliver the quality products/services.

Benefits of Tech Cloud ERP Software for retail stores:

  • Cloud Based platform.
  • Maintain real-time reports/data/business information at your fingertips.
  • Efficient business profitability and working flow.
  • Make accurate financial and accounts reports.
  • Tech Cloud ERP is a flexible, scalable and adaptable software.
  • With unlimited data and users, implement Tech Cloud ERP with fully secured.
  • Get your stores notifications and alerts in real time process.
  • With Tech Cloud ERP reduce your stores operational and marketing costs.

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ERP Software for Retail Stores in India

Best ERP Software for Startups in Hyderabad

erp-software-for-startups-in-hyderabadTech Cloud ERP Software has deployed by many of the Indian companies, with our cloud ERP technology users can manage their growth and establish a strong business infrastructure. We assist companies in rapid growth mode, international expansion or preparing systems for pending commercialization. Tech Cloud ERP products are developed specifically for Manufacturing, Trading and Retail Industries, our solutions give manufacturers the tools to get up and running quickly, manage costs, streamline processes, and drive revenues.

Not sure of implementing ERP software for your startup company? Don’t worry Tech Cloud ERP makes an easy way for you, if you say “YES” for any of the below statement, it is the time to start thinking about ERP implementation.

  • Having Multiple Systems and Duplicate Data:
    If you’re managing the same data in multiple systems (or spreadsheets), it can be nearly impossible to ensure a “single version of the truth.” How can you effectively manage your company if the data you’re relying on isn’t, well, reliable? So, here Tech Cloud ERP software pulls your sales, finance and customer data into a single system, so you always know you’re working with the latest and greatest.
  • Systems Integration:
    If you’re constantly copying, pasting or importing data from one spreadsheet to another, duplicating data entry in separate systems or your critical systems don’t “talk” to each other, you’re wasting valuable time and risking serious errors. Integrated ERP software links sales, service, finance and fulfillment processes so you can spend more time growing your business, not troubleshooting it.
  • Lack in Visibility:
    Successful startups are agile; when growth stalls, you have to be ready to turn on a dime. But you can’t expect to be nimble when you don’t have at-a-glance insight into performance. Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions will give you the real-time, integrated performance reporting and insight you need to fine-tune your strategy on the fly.
  • Reduce IT/Operational Costs:
    Suppose you’re like the most entrepreneurs and in the early-stage startup, you wear a lot of different issues to solve. No problem: Tech Cloud ERP software minimizes implementation time and eliminates the development costs demanded by on-premise solutions.
  • You’re struggling to keep up with reporting:
    Investors demand frequent reporting and ensuring reports are delivered timely and accurately can be a major challenge for startups. Not only that, but most basic accounting software simply isn’t set up to handle these demands. Tech Cloud ERP software streamlines the data and simplifies reporting for faster, more accurate reports delivered how you want them when you want them.

Tech Cloud ERP is built on the cloud and designed to streamline business processes, reduce IT costs and offer a 360-degree view of the customer with integrated reporting, real-time updates and mobile access. Tech Cloud ERP is the best ERP software for Startups in Hyderabad and provides consulting, implementation, validation, training and support services and a full range of proven enterprise solutions which helps start-up businesses drive ROI and compete successfully in the global marketplace. Tech Cloud ERP offers software packages with specialized services offerings to get you up and running in as little as 3 to 5 weeks. We offer attractive financing options that help you get the solution you need today, to support your company’s future growth.

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