Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Tech Cloud ERP is trying to change the lives of over 10000 individuals - Orphans, Physically Challenged and Uncared Old Aged People in Telangana State by providing Food, Education and Love.

Please join us in supporting this and spread the happiness.

Opportunity to help others is the most
valuable commodity on Earth.

Either donate or buy our software products for this noble cause.

What happens when you buy our software products?

10% of  the software cost will be spent for the Needy People.

Every week Tech Cloud ERP team visits Orphanages, Old Age Homes and Differently Abled Children Homes.

What happens when you donate?

The fund what you donate through us will be spent on expenses connected to Education, Food & other valuable things for the Needy People.

We are the bridge between YOU and the HOMES which need Food, Education & Love.

Tech Cloud ERP will be helping the Needy People and will dedicatedly strive to give all the necessary to uplift them and spread the HAPPINESS.


Help us to help others.
What we are trying to do?

This is a God-given project to minister the needs of the abandoned, abused, orphaned and poor children near us.

Urgent Cause

Let us help the People who are in need. Let us add happiness in our life.

Our Purpose

We are one of the corporate social responsibility companies in India. Our corporate social responsibility activities in India include support to the needy people like orphans, physically disabled and old aged / uncared / abandoned people. As a part of this CSR projects in India, Tech Cloud ERP take initiatives and deploys numerous Corporate Social Responsibility members to fulfill all the necessary basic requirements of the needy people. In the near future, Tech Cloud ERP will be one of the CSR foundations in India and actively participate in the well being of the people who are suffering from various disabilities. Even, Tech Cloud ERP will get into CSR partnerships in India to expand its CSR activities throughout India and worldwide. As a part of our initiatives, we want our self to dedicate firmly in this noble gesture to help others and we want to be designated as one of the best CSR companies in India.

Find your Opportunity to help the needy!



Join your hands with us to Support Orphans

Differently Abled

Join your hands with us to Support Differently Abled

Old Aged People

Join your hands with us to Support Old Aged People
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