cloud based Restaurant Management Software in India.

For an outsider, the Restaurant Industry may appear as simple as preparing food and serving it to the customers, but as you start digging into the ways, the processes begin to take complex twists. Hence, it is no wonder the restaurant managers and supervisors are always on the run, as they try providing the best possible service to their customers. The most prominent challenge restaurateur’s face while running restaurants is monitoring the business of each outlet. Since it is not possible to be present at all the outlets to control the operations, Tech Cloud ERP Software Solutions has introduced the best Cloud Based Restaurant Management Software in India.
A cloud based ERP software provides end to end management of all the outlets and allows you to control the operations from a single central point. However, with regards to handling intricacy, Tech Cloud ERP software solutions can be the ultimate saviors, saving you from all the hassles in the restaurant business. Its capability in overseeing organizations, decreasing wastage and expanding your benefits has made it an absolute necessity have device for organizations of different kinds. Tech Cloud ERP Solutions is among the Best Cloud Based ERP Software in India, which is known for its adaptability and versatility to meet the business needs.
Restaurant Management Software
Best Restaurant Management Software in Hyderabad

Key Benefits of Tech Cloud ERP for Restaurant Industry:

  • Detailed and Multi-level Reporting
  • Strong Stock and Inventory Management
  • Central Kitchen Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Centralized Marketing Control
  • Assigning User Roles and Permission


  • Table management with status (Reserved, Allocated, KOT status, Billing and Payment )
  • Application Desktop with tables status
  • Bill, payments, packing, home delivery all these processes are managed.
  • Table reservation and cancellation of reservation are managed.
  • Stops the fool proofing of reservation and no. of guest
  • Easily allocate the table and view guest current status.

Purchase Management

  • Approval system by authorized procurement dep’t.
  • Generation of P.O with approved rates of item.
  • Multiple time goods receiving against requisition.
  • Item inspection and pending inspection.
  • GRN cancellation and return
  • GRN posted and Un-posted Bills
  • Manage Purchase request generated by different dep’t.

Inventory Management

  • All Inward and Outward flow of materials from the stores is monitored by this module.
  • Requisition slip for each item is generated by this module.
  • Item received against SRS is also verified.
  • This will keep a check on expanses.
  • Manages detailed records of various items issued to departments
  • LRM and warehouse stock maintenance.
  • Manages the records of items returned to the suppliers and items sent to scrap.
  • It's accurately calculates the requirements & maintains the integrity of specifications. Secondly, it helps locate the right procurement source.

Recipe Preparation:

  • Recipe Preparation module is specially designed to decrease of wrong consumption of recipe in different quantity.
  • Once Recipe feeding on standard quantity & utilize in many ways.
  • Easily generates Request for item of several quantity
  • Item conversion process 1 to many and many to 1.
  • Auto converts the ingredient quantity according to required recipe quantity.
  • Easily record packaging of spice according
  • to recipe

Reservation Management:

  • Manage, book and distribute activity content.
  • Total control of guests and quick response of availability.
  • Mange advance reservations and allocate tables efficiently
  • Reservations directly from the restaurant website.
  • Online customers can only book tables that are available and eliminates overbooking.
  • Once a reservation is made the guest receives an email confirmation with a reservation number
  • Recording customer preferences helps to retain customers.

HR & Payroll Management

  • Employee Detail information Management
  • Holidays Management, Shifting Management and Employee Roster Management
  • Leave Management
  • Bonus Management
  • Loan Budget and Loan Management
  • Advance Management System
  • Over time and deduction Management
  • Transport Management
  • Conveyance Management
  • Tax Management
  • Salary
  • E.O.B.I Management and S.S.C Management
  • Daily Attendance Management (Manually / Bar Code / Biometrics Device)

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