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Tech Cloud ERP implements a Cloud based ERP Software in Hyderabad, India. We provide a complete, specialised, stable and fully integrated manufacturing industry solutions by integrating PoS, CRM, Finance and eCommerce. As a Manufacturing & Trading Business Holders, you need to integrate your Business Management Software to leverage the technology capability. Understanding the key challenges of Manufacturing Industry, Tech Cloud ERP provides an end-to-end solution comprising Cloud ERP, PoS and CRM. Our comprehensive software solution enables you to meet the demands of market competition and customers. Tech Cloud Integrated ERP platform easily integrates various systems together. Our platform reaches to each of your software or Cloud based ERP Software systems and creates a link that allows data to be sent. The result is one integrated Cloud Management Platform enabling companies to maximize the use of the systems they already own, improve data visibility and streamline operations, in a cost-effective manner.
Cloud Based ERP Software

Tech Cloud ERP Integrated with eCommerce:

Tech Cloud ERP is the best business process management software solution which helps all type businesses of any scale that manages automatically a ton of data using an integrated application. Tech Cloud ERP is designed to handle data across various verticals such as accounting & finance, human resources, sales & marketing, manufacturing and distribution. Integrating ERP - eCommerce will be a huge benefit for businesses with online services. ERP handles all the back end jobs like Customer Information, Product Information, Product Price, Inventory Management, Order Management, Shipping, Tax, Payments Processing and so on.

Benefits of the Tech Cloud ERP - eCommerce Integration:

  • Tech Cloud ERP Integrated System reduces human efforts and saves time.
  • Effective and Efficient in managing all individual departments from a single path.
  • Manages Customer Orders, in real time and it automatically notifies the customers when the orders are out for delivery.
  • Automatically provides updates of Products Information, Price and Quantity in eCommerce sites.
  • Our integrated system acts as a centralized path for maintaining the data in both online and offline sales.

Tech Cloud ERP Integrated with POS:

At present, most of the retail companies are facing rapid change and strong competition. On-demand for multi-channel presence, inventory management and need to maintain customer relationship retailers must integrate their POS. To be effective and to avoid harmful delays and mistakes, the Point of Sale (POS) software and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems must be perfectly integrated.

At Tech Cloud ERP, we have extensive experience in implementing & integrating POS with ERP. Tech Cloud POS can easily be connected to Tech Cloud ERP system through an intelligent integration architecture. Our customers are companies of various sizes, from medium retailers to large organizations, many of them use an Integrated ERP - POS software to manage their sales and customer-oriented tasks and also handles back-office tasks.

Benefits of the Tech Cloud ERP-POS Integration:

  • Tech Cloud ERP integrated POS system provides immediate access to real-time information including customer information and purchase history.
  • By integrating ERP - POS systems you can fulfill demands from various departments ditching delays, reducing returns and increasing sales all at the same time.
  • Tech Cloud Integrated System helps you identify ledger balances and helps in determining the cash flow for your business with ease.
  • Dropping the chances of data mismatch, when you enter your data into both systems is accurate. Tech Cloud ERP - POS integration ensures real-time upload and download of data giving you information.

Tech Cloud ERP Integrated with CRM:

Many businesses often deploy two systems to make their business processes run more efficiently. We offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM and ERP systems integration to the businesses of all sizes.

Tech Cloud CRM system deals with front-end information - managing all the valuable customers’ data and boost it through interactions with marketing and customer support. Tech Cloud CRM helps businesses to understand prospects and clients, manage customer relationships & sales pipeline and upsell & cross-sell products.

Tech Cloud ERP system handles all backend information this can include purchase history, billing and shipping details, accounting information, financial data and supply chain management details.

Integrated ERP - CRM systems offer major benefits to the businesses like;

  • Increased mobility
  • Eliminate boring data entry and duplication
  • Faster access to crucial information
  • Improved order, inventory and quote management
  • Reduced IT and training overheads


  • Organize your business contacts and record relevant information that will help your business create opportunities and leads.
  • Import your contacts to communicate with clients and send marketing campaigns.
  • Duplicate contact information for clients who work in the same business, to reduce time and improve efficiency.


  • Your retail network spreads wide but you don't need an army to manage it. Tech Cloud ERP manages policies, promotions, discounts, coupons and more - all from just one place.


  • Tech Cloud ERP allows you to sell online with minimum fuss - both on e-commerce marketplaces and on your own site.

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