ERP for Electrical Industry

The Electrical industry comprises of manufacturers who produce generation equipment, transmission equipment and allied equipment’s. Primarily Electrical Manufacturers are involved in production of generators, boilers, turbines, electrical transformers, electrical cables & wires, switch gears, capacitors, process & control equipment’s, instrumentation & control equipment’s, measuring equipment’s & instruments, lighting & luminaries etc.
Increasing Competition in the Electrical Industry requires companies to reduce production cycle time, lower operation costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity in order to ensure a faster time to market. Leveraging the power of an ERP software for Electrical Industry in India is imperative to ensure LEAN manufacturing, integrate & control processes, ensure proper material planning to stay competitive and ensure profitability.
Tech Cloud ERP has a comprehensive bill of materials module. Our BOM can be used for make-to-order and make-to-stock production. It provides a complete list of raw materials, components, sub-assemblies, components and exact quantities. It helps to record detailed information about whether a component is to be manufactured or purchased. We provide various BOM functions such as estimation, manufacturing, multi-layer, etc. It provides a BOM revision function so that all relevant personnel can use the updated correct BOM version.

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