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Accurate employee information in one central location

Tech Cloud ERP provides the best Cloud based HR Management Software in Hyderabad, India. This software integrates the systems and processes at the intersection between Human Resources Management (HRM) and Information Technology. It puts together information from various applications into one stop database system. It also covers many other human resources aspects from application to retirement. It records basic demographic and address data of employees. It also records data of other human resources activities such as recruitment, training, skills, performances, capabilities and retirement of employees. It also provides the facility to read applications of employees and enter pertinent statistics to appropriate database fields, report employers and present position control and position management. The functional area payroll software providers in Hyderabad, India includes the recruitment, training, evaluation, performance, placement, compensation, retirement, diversity management and development of the employees of an enterprise. ERP module in the system will certainly help automate the processes go smoothly. Payroll system is another important thing where ERP HR application automates the system. It automates attendance of all the employees of the organization on the payroll. It also automates absence, presence and overtime of all the employees. User can enter all the related data on the payroll with automated ERP system. In general, it can streamline the processing of the payroll and the attendance. Thus, it is but obvious that HR module of ERP software in an enterprise can streamline all the happening and activities in human resources management of the organization. From recruitment to retirement of an employee, each and everything can be monitored and automated by this application. By having Tech Cloud HRMS in your organization you can certainly have a good overview of all the happening in the applicant department.

best hr software in hyderabad


  •  Efficient employee management
  • Reduce time-consuming tasks through automation
  • Easy and fast access to information
  • Accurate statutory reports
  • Helps in appraisal
  • Reduce redundant data entry and errors
  • Grievances can be identified and resolved soon as it arises
  • Employee self-service options
  • Reduce the wastage of paper and storage which is a cost saving
  • Travel, loan and skill matrix management
  • Employee leave and attendance tracking
  • Timesheet management of progressing tasks
  • Performs analysis and reviews for better decision making


  • Recruiting qualified and talented candidates is a key to the future success of your company The recruitment component is designed to help meet every challenge like managing open positions/requisitions, applicant screening, selection and hiring, correspondence, reporting and cost analysis.


  • Employees are an asset to an organization. When you do right onboarding for the employees with help of Tech Cloud HRMS, you can be ensured that with best business practices in place, they will be completely engaged employees along with performing the task at their best in no time for your organization.

Training and Development

  • Training and development are the vital functions of human resource management. It is to improve the current or future performance of an employee by increasing the ability of an employee through educating and increasing one’s skills or knowledge in the particular subject.

Leave and Time Management

  • The international payroll management system helps the end-to-end global payroll information management process, crafted to provide a best tool for all payrolls.

Welfare Management

  • ESS module, enables the employee to maintain his/ her own profile that can then checks business updates needed from and by the employee.

Payroll Management

  • All data regarding payroll tax; Minimum wages, contractual savings Holiday pay Salary components Payroll calculations Pay slips, annual reports for employees All HR Letter formats Salary payments G/L postings of salaries

Dynamic Dashboard

  • See all the pending leave requests. Approve or reject right from your dashboard. Get a summary of how many employees are present or absent. Employees can clock-in/out from their dashboard. Know who is absent today, who have birthdays, upcoming holidays and events from the calendar on your dashboard.

Versatile Calendar

  • Manage Events Easily create events and send invites to attendees. Cancel or modify at anytime. Public Holidays Plan for holidays throughout the year by simply selecting from a list of public holidays in your country.

Real-time Collaboration

  • Tech cloud Performance Management is a comprehensive solution to meet your performance appraisal requirements. It substitutes irritating and time-taking manual staff performance evaluation processes with an efficient performance evaluation cycle.

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