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Tech Cloud Trading Software

Being a trader, one has to serve their customers competently and they need to track the marketing strategies in real-time. Successful trading business is probably equal to the right combination of tools and techniques, right from receiving orders, planning to ship and delivering goods to the customers. We understand the complexity involves in the trading industry and that’s why we designed an effective and the best Cloud based Trading Software for the trading business.
Tech Cloud Trading Software in Hyderabad, India provides an inclusive solution for trading business assists businesses to obtain actionable customer intuitions and enables them to convert leads into buyers successfully. Fantastic Software for the Trading Industry provides you with real-time data, decision-making power, and efficient processes for tracking your operations and getting empowered to overcome future challenges.

  • Aims to help businesses attract & keep economically valuable customers.
  • Meets the changing expectations of customers due to: Social, demographic, economic, educational, competition and experience factors.
  • Manage dissatisfied customers and improve customer experience.
  • Helps to improve communication with customers.
  • Helps to maintain a perfect inventory.
  • Keeps track of all sales and purchases in a perfect manner.
Tech Cloud ERP Trading

New Customers

  • Capture new leads through word of mouth, email campaigns and webinars. Delegate these leads to your sales team who will be equipped with other modules such as tasks, quotes, and calls, to close the deal or reassign the lead.
  • Schedule calls or send out emails to those leads.

Customer Management

  • Customer Management System is an implementation of a robust IT system for collecting and collating customer data is necessary for most large companies these days. Even the smallest organization will have a need for some kind of customer management system.
  • Customer Management Systems and applications are used to capture, research and analyse information such as customer behavior, buying preferences and demographics.
  • A well chosen customer management process should be able to capture customer feedback. This valuable information can and should be used by management.

Purchase Management

  • Purchase Management is considered to be very important function of Materials Management in a company.
  • Nowadays, increase in the competition and market demands and scarcity of resources have forced on organizations to reexamine their purchasing activities. The purchasing department functions have expanded considerably and also include some activities such as verifying the credentials of suppliers, ensuring the timely delivery of the material, inspecting the quality of the material to be purchased etc.

Streamline Warehouse Management

  • The Streamline Warehouse Management System is a subscription based Inventory Management system which ensures that you do no not have to deal with any technical issues as it is a hosted solution.
  • There are no upfront costs which allows for the convenience of month by month payment. You can therefore rest assured that your version is always up to date every time you log in.
  • The software has been specifically designed from a user centered approach which takes the customer experience into account.
  • The Streamline Warehouse Management system is therefore advantageous and beneficial for a variety of user roles and responsibilities such as administration, operations and financial focused users.

Reduced Shipping Costs- Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Get acquainted with your representative
  • Leverage flat rate shipping
  • Negotiate shipping rates
  • Use their equipment
  • Manage your supplies
  • Consolidate your accounts
  • Seek out shipping refunds

Accounts Maintenance

  • A trading account can be any investment account containing securities, cash or other holdings.
  • These investors tend to buy and sell assets frequently, often within the same trading session, and their accounts are subject to special regulation as a result.
  • A trading account can hold securities, cash and other investment vehicles just like any other brokerage account.

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